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Developer Projects

This area is provided to coordinate developer projects. Primarily, projects that are proposed but are not yet in development will be listed here for those who are looking for a project to work on. If there is enough interest, we can create a mailing list for the discussion of projects. There will also be a "suggested projects" category in BugRat for people to register their wishes online.

I have tried to break this down into small and simple projects (Weekend Warrior), medium size projects (Wrists Are Sore), and large punishing projects (In Search Of A Life).

Weekend Warrior

  • BinHex IO Streams
    BinHex is a Macintosh conversion facility that converts binary files into ascii text for transmission over non-binary media, such as email. It is a simple conversion, and I have C code for you to port. Come on, we like the Mac!

  • DES Streams
    It would be nice to have something along the lines of DESInputStream, and DESOutputStream. Ditto any unimplemented compression/encryption protocols.

Wrists Are Sore

  • Self Extracting Class
    There have long been self-extracting archives. They are programs that simply extract the contents of their builtin archive when you run them. They is very useful for sending compound data.

    The idea with a self-extracting Class would be that I could type in "java className" and I would get the contents extracted automatically to any location I chose. Thus, I need nothing more than the ability to run Java. Once JVM's (or JOS's) provide the ability to run a class by double clicking on it, this would be very cool.

  • Tree Cross Referencing Tool
    I believe that one could leverage the org.gjt.starlight classes to write a cross referencing tool that would show the xref for the entire tree as a series of web pages. This would be a very general tool that could be used by many folks other than the GJT project.

In Search Of A Life

  • Free Install Anywhere
    Lets face it, Java is a pain in the rear when it comes to installing new programs, especially for novice users. Thus, Install Anywhere will be a boon to Java.

    Alas, it costs money, and you have to pay a license for each developer who uses it. Therefore, it would be nice to roll our own. This is not a hard problem, but takes a lots of time due to the inherent "native"-ness of the programming.

  • Rewrite CVSWeb as a Java Servlet
    I really like CVSWeb. It works well, and I was able to make it fit the site's scheme with a couple day's of work. However, it could definitely be done better, and possibly using the package.

    Anyway, I think it could be made more powerful, more useful, such as listing tags and branches more clearly, and made a servlet which would be very cool.

  • Make ISO FS
    General purpose ISO File System Classes would be very useful, especially if used to create a "mkisofs" equivalent. The source in C is available (mkisofs), so you would have some code and a nice crib. Then, we could generate the GJT CD images using Java code!

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