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Developer Policies

It is not the intent of this project to tell a developer how to go about his or her business. However, because of the large potential for data loss, downtime, and the need to keep bandwidth usage reasonable, certain policies exist.

Intentional and repeated abuses of the following items will constitute reasons for accounts being locked. A locked account will not preclude CVS access, unless that privelege is abused, in which case all access will be denied. Your source code will remain accessible via the web and your package domains will remain assigned to you, and you will still be able to get patches applied to your code or a mirror of your own CVS repository kept, but access will be denied.

At this stage in the development of this project, all decisions regarding policy and enforcement of policy will be implemented by yours truly, benevolent dictator. Once there is enough momentum and a call for it, the project should establish a group responsible for these tasks.

This list is subject to change, and comments are welcome.

  • CVS
    Until there is an established system of ownership and access, please do not commit to any subtree of the GJT CVS repository other than your own, unless you previously communicate with the owner of that subtree.

  • Email
    Misuse of email services on the GJT server, or its supporting networks is strictly PROHIBITED. NO SPAM!

  • IRC
    The GJT server is not an irc server, and irc use is not permitted.

  • Storage
    Please, keep your account home directory disk space to a minimum. We do not use quotas, as developers tend to find ways to use huge amounts of temporary disk space, and I very much dislike limiting disk use. Be sure to clean up temporary files. If you are using the GJT for your personal web page, be sure to keep it focused on your GJT work. Please do not waste disk space and bandwidth to run your family business on the GJT web server.

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