Source Code

The essence of the Giant Java Tree is source code. Since the one and only requirement for inclusion on the tree is that the source code by licensed under an open source license, all source code is freely available for your downloading and appropriate use.

The Giant Java Tree is managed, and served up to you, using the Concurrent Versions System, or CVS. CVS has a long and illustrious history. It was chosen for this project for many reasons. You may wish to review the reasons why CVS was chosen.

You can browse the source tree right away using the jCVS Servlet.

There are actually several ways to take advantage of the Giant Java Tree source code.

  • jCVS Servlet allows you to browse the GJT source repository right from your web browser. You can directly link into the JavaDocs for a package or class, and you can instantly download any package on the tree as a ZIP archive that is built dynamically to ensure the latest version.

  • CVSWeb also allows you to access the source repository from your web browser. CVSWeb was the official "browser" for the GJT until jCVSlet came along to replace it. CVSWeb is great software and I recommend it to anyone.

  • CVS provides a traditional command line interface to the source repository directly.

  • Anonymous CVS is available for those who do not have a developer account. Anonymous CVS access allows anyone with a CVS client to checkout the entire source tree, or any part thereof.

  • jCVS provides a nice Java GUI client to the source repository directly. Use jCVS to checkout and manage your source code.

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