How To Join

Developer Information

If you are a Java developer, and you would like to include some of your work on the Giant Java Tree, you are most welcome! There are three so-called levels of involvement.

First, you can simply provide a copy of your code, and we will put it on the tree so that it can be accessed along with all of the other packages. This will make your code available to anyone using the GJT.

Second, you can obtain a developer account so that you can use the GJT as your personal CVS repository. This not only makes your code available on the GJT, but also allows you to make use of all of the GJT tools, including managing your version control, autogenerating your javadoc documentation with references into your online sources, anonymous CVS access to your code to allow anyone to checkout your source code (but not modify it without your permission), automatic release management and distribution, automatic archival, and much more. Further, if you wish to work on existing code on the GJT, maybe to enhance or fix code, you will want a developer account.

Finally, you can become a GJT lacky, such as myself, and get involved in building and maintaining the GJT.

If you are interested only in option one, simply putting your code on the GJT, then send email describing your code and someone will contact you regarding obtaining the source code.

If you are interested in getting an account, so that you can use the CVS server or possibly work on the GJT itself, or even work on existing code on the tree you will want to acquire a developer account.

There is no cost for a developer account. There is only one requirement to obtain a developer account - you must add some Java software to the tree, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), the Library General Public License (LGPL), or placed into the Public Domain.

There is need for more than just Java!

If you would like to assist with web site development, user manual authoring, graphics design, and more, please get an account and get involved. All of these resources are maintained in CVS on the Giant Java Tree. Promote your skills. Use your Giant Java Tree work as a reference on your resume. Resume URL's are cool.

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