Package Documentation

PkgDoc, which is short for Package Documenation, is the name we give to the custom doclet that works with javadoc to produce the special package documentation that the GJT presents to assist developers in the discovery and reuse of the packages available on the tree.

When I developer is looking at a source tree that has a dozen or so packages on it, they can devote the small amount of time it will take to become familiar with the code simply reading the available javadoc documentation. However, when that tree reaches the level of tens or potentially hundreds of packages, it becomes entirely unwieldy. Even with the current thirty nine packages on the GJT, it is rather difficult and time consuming.

Enter PkgDoc. By providing a condensed, one page presentation of a package, and by including links to dependent packages, the PkgDoc database is an invaluable tool in quickly becoming familiar with the tree. Further, by providing a quick reference for current release information, dependency information, and links to needed resources, the PkgDoc database is productivity tool for development and maintenance.

You can view an example PkgDoc page, by checking out the package. You can see an example of dependencies on the PkgDoc page. You can see an example package documentation file that the PkgDoc doclet translates into a PkgDoc page. Note that the file is nothing more than the standard javadoc package documentation file, which is named 'package.html'. PkgDoc simply defines special '@gjt' tags that are then used to produce the PkgDoc documentation, along with the package comment.

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