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Author: Tim Endres
Home Page: ICEMail Home Page
Version: 2.6
Release Tag: $
Release Date: 2000/04/04 09:56:09
JVM Required: 1.1
License: GNU General Public License
Categories: application, email
Requirements: JAF 1.0, JavaMail 1.1, HotJavaBean 1.0, Swing 1.0
Externals: None

Implements the ICEMail email client application.

This package implements the ICEMail email client application based on the JavaMail API. ICEMail is a complete email client solution. Because it is written using the JavaMail API and the Java Activation Foundation, the application is fully compliant with the latest Internet email standards.

ICEMail is a commercial quality application that provides a nice example of many aspects of Java programming, including application development, property and configuration handling, user interface design, JavaMail and HotJava APIs, and native integration.


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