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Author: Tim Endres
Home Page: No Home Page
Version: 4.7
Release Tag: $
Release Date: 1998/09/30 05:13:25
JVM Required: 1.1
License: GNU Library General Public License
Categories: utilities, development tool
Dependencies: No dependencies
Externals: None

Implements the ICE Engineering Java utilities.

This package implements a number of utilities used in the development of Java applications at ICE Engineering.

The highlight of this package is This class provides a complete, flexible, and very powerful means of managing the properties that your application uses, as well as storing dynamic properties such as the position and size of windows, recently entered text, etc. The class allows properties to be loaded from any valid URL, including local files, FTP sites, and web pages. The class also allows specific property overrides, including per operating system, and per user.


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