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Author: Unspecified
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Version: Unspecified
Release Tag: $
Release Date: 2001/02/09 13:55:18
JVM Required: 1.1 @gjtlicence LGPL
License: Unspecified
Categories: None
Requirements: Swing,
Dependencies: No dependencies
Externals: None

Subsystem for managing creation of Swing menus and the accompanying accelerators. It is designed to be separated from the rest of the Qcis framework, to be more easily reused within other contexts. Files and classes starting with Qcis are part of the Qcis framework; files without the prefix are more widely usable.

In mid-October 1999, Roedy Green proposed a configurable structure for menus and keyboard accelerators. This package implements a variation of his suggestion.

This package requires {@linkorg.gjt.qcis.enum}, enumerations, but no other parts of the Qcis framework. Use of JavaHelp is optional; the software detects if it is loaded, and degrades gracefully in its absence (that is, it simply avoids using context sensitive-help if the main package is absent).

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