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Author: Oskar Liljeblad
Home Page:
Version: 0.1

Release Tag: $
Release Date: 1999/09/15 19:24:34
JVM Required: 1.2
License: GNU Library General Public License
Categories: Utilities, Options, Wildcard, ADT
Dependencies: No dependencies
Externals: None

Contains the Matcher framework, the OptionParser, the CollectionMap datatype, the SequentialMap map-implementation, and the generic string processing class Strings.

The Matcher classes are serve as a way to compare strings in different ways. The WildcardExpression class is used also part of these classes. The RegexMatch uses the GNU classes ({@linkgnu.regexp gnu.regexp} and {@linkgnu.rex gnu.rex} for regular expressions. Classes also exist for comparing complete objects and substrings, case sensitive or insensitive.

Most of these classes are unimplemented at the moment. They are mainly used by the {@linkorg.gjt.osk.lifeform Lifeform} bot.

The OptionParser class is used to parse command line options. The class does the same as {@linkgnu.getopt gnu.getopt} (plus a little more), but with a different - more object-oriented - approach.

FIXME: fill in more
FIXME: fix @linkerrors... (1.2 error?)
FIXME: make more packages; util => adt, options, matcher (?)


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