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Author: Sergey Izvoztchikov aka LezDep
Home Page: LezDep Home Page
Version: 0.1
Release Tag: $
Release Date: 2000/09/13 01:33:34
JVM Required: 1.2
License: Unrecognized (GNU)
Categories: application, utilitity
Requirements: JAF, Java Tar
Dependencies: No dependencies
Externals: None

Explorer's Java clone.

This package implements the Pure Java File Explorer application.

The application supports Drag'n'Drop operation between panels. Supports some widely used archive types - tar, zip, jar. Contains JavaBeans based viewer. Uses JavaBeans Activation Framework to handle particular mime types. Provides some kind of File System abstraction level - FileObject interface.

The package is designed to provide Unix users with convenient file manager with Drag'n'Drop support, archives support and simple viewer model for different mime types.


The following page lists the available downloads for the release of package 'org.gjt.lezdep.j2Voyager' tagged ' $'. If you need to work with releases other than ' $', you will need to use the anonymous CVS server to access them.