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Author: James Thrasher
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Version: 0.1
Release Tag: $
Release Date: 2001/03/19 13:17:47
JVM Required: 1.2
License: Unspecified
Categories: internet
Dependencies: No dependencies
Externals: None

A yes-list filter plugin for WBI. This package provides a plugin for screening content from websites, based on a yes-list, instead of a no-list. A yes list will filter out everything that is not allowed, allowing more filtering with less effort. It does add annoyance, however, to have to add every single web site that one wants to view, but in the end it's easier. Currently, it filters out only pictures from websites that aren't allowed. It also only filters based on host name, instead of by domain or by URL. I'll have to think about that to see what would be best to do. It is a plugin for WBI: see for details. While it's running, you can add a host name to your yes list by going to the URL, and typing ?????add at the end of the URL. To reload the yes list from file, type ?????reload at the end. As you can see, this is designed for personal use, and hasn't been written for family filtering.


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