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Author: Fred Gylys-Colwell
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Version: $Name: $, $Revision: 1.3 $
Release Tag: $
Release Date: 2001/03/26 02:24:29
JVM Required: 1.1
License: GNU General Public License
Categories: utility
Dependencies: org.gjt.fredgc.misc
Externals: None

This is a collection of FontMetrics generated automatically from ghostscript.

These were generated automatically from ghostscript font metric files through the program {@linkorg.gjt.fredgc.font.FontMaker FontMaker}. All of the metrics are subclasses of {@linkorg.gjt.fredgc.font.PSFont PSFont}.

This software contains code that was copied from the ghostscript package which is free (GPL'd) software. As such, these classes in the ghost package is also free software. See the file COPYING (GNU General Public License) for license conditions.


The following page lists the available downloads for the release of package 'org.gjt.fredgc.font.ghost' tagged ' $'. If you need to work with releases other than ' $', you will need to use the anonymous CVS server to access them.