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Author: Tim Endres
Home Page:
Version: 2.3
Release Tag: $
Release Date: 1999/07/19 04:02:18
JVM Required: 1.1
License: GNU General Public License
Categories: application, subsystem, email
Requirements: JAF 1.0, JavaMail 1.0
Externals: ICEMail.dll

Implements the email portion of the BugRat Bug Report and Tracking System.

This package implements the email portion of the BugRat Bug Report and Tracking system. The package implements the MialReader program, which reads incoming email bug reports, parses the report, and files the report in the BugRat database.

The package makes use of the standard JavaMail API to provide support for internet email standards. The package also depends on the Java Activation Foundation (JAF) due to JavaMail's depence on that package.

The MailReader program is a fine example of writing a command line program that reads email messages from stdin and processes them. Due to the JavaMail API, very little code is required to accomplish a great deal.


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