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Author: brian zimmer
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Version: $Revision: 1.3 $
Release Tag: 0.1.7
Release Date: 2000/06/06 16:31:31
JVM Required: 1.2
License: GNU General Public License
Categories: database, jdbc, jpython
Requirements: JPython
Dependencies: No dependencies
Externals: None

Implements the Python Database Specification API 2.0.

This package implements the majority of the Python DB spec, as well as some extra features such as query for all tables and columns.

The package makes use of JPython and JDBC to achieve the database connectivity.

The package is designed to allow you to transparently use either CPython or JPython database access without modifying code.


The following page lists the available downloads for the release of package 'com.ziclix.python.sql' tagged '0.1.7'. If you need to work with releases other than '0.1.7', you will need to use the anonymous CVS server to access them.