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Syslog is a system-wide logging facility. It's roughly based on the UNIX syslog facility, but has many nice features not found there. It provides a clean, uniform interface for sending log messages and a modular back-end for writing entries to files, databases, etc.

The main class that other programs interact with is the Syslog class. Everything on the class is static, making it easy to interact with as a service.

Messages sent to Syslog are handled by objects implementing the Syslogger interface. Syslog provides the concept of levels (DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR and FATAL). Individual loggers can have their own log policies for deciding if they should pay attention to given log message. There is a useful default policy that allows loggers to only listen to certain channels or messages at certain levels, etc.

Syslog provides startup classes for both the BEA/WebXpress WebLogic Application Server, and for Protomatter's own PAS Application Server. This allows for easy configuration of the Syslog package through the configuration file of each of those application servers.

The startup class for WebLogic is not included in the source repository at GJT because it's not yet clear what kind of licensing restrictions it will have to carry because it references interfaces that are shipped with WebLogic. If you are in need of this class, please contact @gjtlicenseLGPL


The following page lists the available downloads for the release of package 'com.protomatter.syslog' tagged 'Unknown'. If you need to work with releases other than 'Unknown', you will need to use the anonymous CVS server to access them.